What do we do in Youth For Peace?

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Youth For Peace Camp

You will meet youths from all over the world to talk and have a deeper understanding about peace

Yo Meet Up!

You can update current peace-issues in the world from youth's perspective

Start Your Project!

After The Camp, you will meet mentors that can give you an advice how to run your program


Read what our Agents of Peace have to say

I Gede Pandu Wirawan


"It was a good experience to me. All speakers have great materials but we cannot have a deeper discussion because of the time limitation."

Xaixana Chanthavong


"After I attended this workshop I knew a lot of things, such as what the SDG mean and how to create project, then I try to put what I have learned and prepared the project into my community."

Lisa Maria Braun


"To me, peace is not about pure harmony and the absence of conflict. It's about compassion and the capability to deal with conflict in a constructive and non-violent way. I learned a lot about how this can be facilitated in the "Youth for Peace Camp" last year and made great friends in the process. "

Suraida Salaeh


"This event was so inspiring, educational yet not boring at all! Youth for Peace Union is definitely a great platform to restart our mindset and self confidence as well, because they did not only provide you tutors and motivators, but they actually called along a great line up such as Mbak Intan and Afutami, two great speakers who stand for gender equality and the importance of youth in spreading the global peace awareness."

Ana Surjanto


"It has been a pleasure to be part of the Youths for Peace Union and join the peace camp conducted by Dompet Dhuafa (DD). Joining this camp has given me some amazing opportunities to meet with young people from over the world. It has also enabled me to discuss various issues such as violence, terrorism, cyber crime, disasters, and steady rise of hate speech in social media that the world. According to me, the spirit, ability to act, and ability to adapt to technology possessed by young people, are needed in tackling those issues and taking roles for peace-making."

Sagun Paudel


"I would like to highly recommend the Dompet Dhuafa, Youth for Peace Camp 2018 organizing committee for providing an opportunity to learn about peace, roles of youth in the peace process, humanitarian action & project planning. Peace Camp exceeded my expectations. I was able to get all of the information about the role of youth for the peace-building process as well as it enhances my capacity to write a grant proposal for social activities. I came back with valuable insights and fully stimulating with positive emotions. The future conferences will always be on my calendar."

Isfandiyor Zaripov


"I want to inform that everything was new for me and i can also say that it was an excellent event, too much amazing experience!"

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